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Here And Up There ~ Nature Tuesday

There is a sky up there, above that tree! While I’m down here, stand-alone, separate from it. If I can jump or fly to the sky to be happy, I will do it. But it turns out that up there and down here is the same, I’m not happy, yet. So, if it’s down here and up there it’s the same, then why should we fly up there?

We’re fine here. At least, we feel or assume that we are fine. Moreover, we feel we know that happiness is the state of mind. Not to mention that with a positive attitude, sure we will be able to change the situation in our minds. All that is normal, and human.

But still, it’s a reality that we are still not satisfied with what is. Often we feel that there is something we need to do, there is something that needs to be changed,  something to have, we feel something is blocking our happiness. We still feel sick and hurt because of various things, we grieve for loss, or because we are ignored, treated unfairly, we are upset if people perceive subjectively on what we consider as important, we are not satisfied because we cannot have what we need or want, and else.

With that awareness, we know that nothing is certain about this life. The longer we live, the more we see contradictions everywhere: this is true, but so is that. It seems that we live in an infinite field of paradox and contradiction. In a “spiritual” world that is explicitly no different. The more we investigate what is real, the more paradox we encounter.

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    Are you aware of that paradox?

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    Do you know what is the cause of all these paradoxes?

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What do you think?

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  1. Perception created by mind is the reason behind the paradox. As above so is below. Issues here are the same issues in every realm. But I like watching the sky nonetheless. Thanks for boosting my post and for reviewing my entry. I decided to keep it as is with very minor tweaks. ??

      • …and maybe the same supermoon? ??? I missed its moonrise though and it is the time when we can see it biggest ?.

        Yes, FB. In FB, every reaction (like, comment, share) matters as it keeps a post active. It is now very difficult to widen the reach coverage because they are forcing page owners to pay for promotional boost which is both expensive and ineffectual.

          • We do not see all the supermoon here. The biggest I saw was sometime last year I think when I came home very briefly before I flew away.

            How do I respond? It is a hobby. I share freely. I do not see why I should pay when I am not looking for popularity. Just an avenue for my creativity. I spend in some hobbies like books and travels and eating. But those are different things ?.

  2. I’m happy with what I have. It is important that I am healthy, that I am not hungry and that I have a roof over my head. I think that we must first clarify what we can and do not. Then we’ll be more comfortable with this. Many are very “sensitive” to what the neighbors have and they want to have it themselves (for example, a new car).

  3. To be, that is the question.
    Writers, philosophers and dreamers have chased that question.

    I am reminded of the old adage, better the bird in hand than the two birds in the bush. But, we release the bird in hand in hopes of catching the two birds in the distance.

    • I hope this complementary food is quite healthy, outside plenty of other foods that we consume all the time, Ellie.

      I agree with your opinion, that it is part of our nature to a certain extent, it’s just that I feel curious about the source of the nature and its extent. And yes, it is very unfortunate if we cannot find the source of peace within ourselves as a default state that can give us happiness wherever we are. Thaks for your thought, dear friend.

  4. I agree, it seems we are never completely satisfied in life, no matter what our situation. Why you ask, that is the million dollar question. Some people always want more, they think the grass is greener on the other side, etc. But I am content with what I have, I just wonder too much about things. And that wonder can turn into worry if I don’t keep it in check.

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