Herbal treatments that really work

I am not a believer of herbs until some people in my circle gave a testimony to the good effects. In the picture is a herb called pansit-pansitan that is good to combat arthritis. It is eaten or boiled for drinking. I prefer the inclusion in a vegetable salad with lettuce and cucumber. That will neutralize the gout, so they say.

There are many herbs that we can use for home remedies. Unfortunately I cannot find an herbalist anymore. When I was young, the herbalists are like doctors. They are sought for home remedies because doctors are expensive. Now we resort to doctors and the hospital for treatment. No more herbalists in sight.

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Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. There are tons of herbal remedies out there. I find the subject very interesting and have decided to put in a herbal garden in the fall. I got interested after we bought his old house. It was built in 1860. The man had a college degree which was very unheard of back in the day and his wife was also big into agriculture and gave classes to all the women in the area on how to can vegetables, garden, herbal remedies, etc. I started looking around at all the plants in the yard, field and woods and found a lot of herbs!

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