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Henbit Color Crazy

This weed was in my front yard. I researched and identified it as Henbit. The name comes from the observation that chickens like it. Hummingbirds also enjoy this edible weed for the nectar. 

Henbit provides valuable erosion control in many cropland fields in the southern U.S. Unlike many of its relatives in the mint family, henbit does not have a strong or distinctive mint scent. 

Now that I know it has many uses, especially the hummingbirds, I let it grow. The weed is small and many would probably miss it, unless you were looking. Paying attention to the little things again.

Sharing this unique weed with Kim’s Color Crazy challenge.

Photo ©CarolDM

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Written by Carol DM


  1. We do have these tiniest of blooms here as well. This requires getting on your hands and knees to shoot. Great shot. I like them, we see a lot of them in the spring here.

  2. I research pretty much everything, but if I am researching something unimportant then I often get sidetracked by another more interesting topic and never finish the first thing…

  3. I’ll try to search but sometimes its just not so easy to find …
    or there are a few results that looks very much like the subject …

    Nice photo btw! 🙂