"Hell Is Full Of Good Intentions and Wishes."

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux who lived at the turn of the eleventh century said this, L’enfer est plein de bonnes volontés ou désirs, which translates from the French as “hell is full of good intentions and wishes”.

WOW! isn’t it strange, that every site I have written for, since 2008,  there are always “well Meaning”, well-intending members that want only to “help” the owners how to run their company just a tiny bit better? Seriously, folks, it’s like National Groundhog day every time a new site starts up. 

* Squidoo

* Helium

* Wikinut

* Bubblews

* Blogbourne

* Niume

* Persona Papers

And several more, too many to remember.

No one ever officially appoints them, the admins don’t give a rat’s behind about them, but by Jove, there they are, always, having the relevant “company’s, or writer’s best interest at heart” while they, poor sods, for all of their self appointed, inquisitory policing and moral ground laying efforts, are never recognized or rewarded with a morsel or crumb for their authoritative and prescriptive actions. 

The average members don’t like them, but rather fear a retaliatory ensuing tongue lashing. You know, there was a certain well-intention ed angel, a real kingpin among the Heavenly Host, he also had God’s back and wanted to help GOD not make stupid mistakes, in designing for example the Fibonacci sequence, micro-organic matter, Time and Space Continuum, DNA, etc. He, Lucifer,  came a bit unstuck, ultimately. Finally let’s not forget, old Judas, who dared reprimand Jesus for wasting cash. 

It just never ends. His persona just keeps right on keeping on, infiltrating the unwary, even kind and generous King David, Abraham, Apostle Peter, (The Rock) even John the Baptist and Paul, all came to similar fates, wanting to just help out a little bit, ultimately. When, Jesus rebuked him, asking, Peter, “Do you love me?” Peter replied, “Lord, you know everything.” Jesus replied, saying, “Feed my Lambs.” Peter just admitted that Jesus the Son of God knows everything, had he really believed this, why not shut up and ask Jesus, where he, Peter had slipped up? 

But his silence prompts Jesus to ask again, “Do you, Simon Peter, love me? And again he exclaims, “You know I do Lord.” and for a second time Jesus says, “Feed my flock.” You see, he, Peter, Judas, Lucifer, John, and Paul as all the well-intentioned beings throughout the history of this world, always run off at the mouth instead of asking, where they had I slipped up, and quasi-humbly asking, ‘Oh Son of GOD, all-knowing, all-seeing one,  

Jesus, finally said, “what you do unto the least in me, you do also to me. In plain language, stop vaunting yourself above your fellow mortals. I.E. If you are a writer, then write.

So, who is or are this/these WELL INTENTIONED saviors of us hapless minions? Fortunately, from the dawn of time, they, without fail, make loud utterances when they reveal themselves. through their actions, it’s in their nature to do so, watch this space…

“I accuse no one, I am but a voice in the wilderness, like grass am I, here for a season, then to wilt and die, then blown away by the wind!

Time is on his side, we all have choices, what we do with our choices goes around, well, just goes around and ultimately we all will hang by our tongues.

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