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Heading down interesting applciation thought and a thank you to Virily!

Firsts off kudos to Team Virily! They continue to pay, now more than 36 times! Niume made it to 14 payments. So Team Virily rocks!

(it looks like Virils have been reduced as was announced previously. In May the rate was.0011 US per Viril. The new rate is .0010 per Viril as of June)/ You can check my math by simply dividing the Virils you have from June, by the amount to be paid from the previous month column).

I realized that I didn’t do the thank you challenge this past weekend, then I realized it has kind of fizzled out. Based on that, I will wait and see if others pick it up.

Enough of housekeeping stuff. An interesting concept that I have been playing with over the last year or so is that of interactive maps. In the boating world, news on TV world and so on, the concept of interactive maps are important. The TV weather person will present a wind map on occasion. With some of the new weather radar, you also may see what is called cloud stack or cloud height radar. This shows how high the storm is relative to the ground. All of that is fun to see and is normally laid over a map. You are, however, bound to what the weatherperson wants to zoom in on or show in detail. I wanted to, and have been trying to build an AR (Augmented Reality) applications that integrate a live weather feed with a live GPS map.  Not just weather, and GPS but being able to pull in additional information. Like, what is the current wind direction where I am? When the wind is coming from the north, show me the weather north of me now. That is the goal of the applications. It is still in the early wireframe development (in other words I have the idea, some of the code, but it doesn’t work well yet).

Another interesting idea that I have been considering is the reality of eBay/Paypal and the new world of auctions. There was a time when you used the forums of AOL to sell things. From there Yahoo had an auction site as did eBay. eBay doesn’t always focus on the customer or the seller, so I’ve been thinking about changing where I sell things online. I also worry that Paypal continues to layer more and more fees on transfers. Like I said, just something I am thinking about.

Fun poll questions today – feel free to expand on your answers in the comments!

Oh yeah, and have a great day!

  • Do you have MP3 files on your phone, tablet or computer?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you ever closed a door on your finger?

    • Yes
    • No
  • If someone asks you to identiy a plant, do you feel like naming the plant? (its BOB!)

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. I don’t understand why some sites use PayPal and we have these silly fees deducted, then other sites, I will not mention their name (ML) pays with no fees.

    I also noticed a change in the payment as well. Oh well life goes on. Thank you for all of your conversations here and with my posts as well. 🙂

    I have closed the door on my niece’s hand, does the count! Ouch she said at 3 y/o! I felt sooo bad. And I rarely use MP3 players. But i have access to the files.

  2. These are all awesome applications, but I do not use the skies from them …. I also received the payment but I did not check anything worthwhile about Virily … I am satisfied as much as they give me

  3. I have closed the door on my finger multiple times including metal doors. It always happen accidentally which always ends with the outer skin ripped off.
    You have good ideas. I will be looking forward to weather application. It looks interesting.

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