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DAMN, THIS SONG brings me memories of my faithful dog, Bisto a Beagle who died out of age-related complications 10 years ago, he began to lose control of his limbs during some strange seizures in which he walked around the house, as in a daze, until I stopped him when he got too bad and laid him to rest…

I used to walk him in a big place I had with trees and grass he loved since he was a pup along with Kitter and Jet, (Our two cats, both gone too.) but at the end of the walk, we had to climb a big staircase upwards, so I carried him in my arms, and this song came to my mind and I sang it for him, he laid his head on my shoulder and together we got home, this lasted for two months until he could not sleep anymore because of the seizures, vet could not do much to help him, so I had to put him to rest for good… 

days later, I found myself climbing those stairs again singing this song again and, for a moment, felt his presence in my arms, which were in the same position that I carried him home and for the first time since he died, allowed my feeling of loss to show…thinking to myself, I never felt his weight when I carried him, I was always eager to do it, just for him, for both of us… 


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  1. well if the goal made me cry you were successful.

    I have so many songs that I shared with dogs, singing to them during storms to soothe the fear. i also find myself missing many of the dogs that lived with me over the years.

    such a beautiful and loving tribute to a great friend Andre!

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