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Having chicken for a pet

In our culture particularly in the rural areas, chickens are loose in the yard. They are fed in the morning, given water and that’s it. The chickens would scratch the ground all day long for something to eat that they can find like worms. Those loose chickens would grow and eventually find their way into the dining table. That is the culture.

But in this digital age, people are changing their outlook towards animals. There was a pet pig that I chanced upon in Tokyo not to mention the snakes and even spider for a pet. Now comes the chicken as a pet. It is easy to care for if you have a yard. It would stay in the yard as long as you give it the feed of grains every morning and afternoon. The chicken is not easy to capture so it is safe from mischievous children. But the best, according to the farmers, is to keep the chicken inside a coop or a cage.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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