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Having a gate for protection

I grew up in a home where there was no gate. Those were the days when anyone who walks on our street is known to us. There was no need for a fence or a gate because there were not thieves, no strangers to intrude in our home. But time changes everything that when I entered high school, my father decided to construct a wall and put up a gate for our own protection.

After that time, all the houses in our neighborhood were building fences and attaching a gate to the driveway. Now it is unthinkable for a home in the city or in the suburbs to have no gate nor fence. Even homes with a high fence and solid gate have installed CCTV for further protection. Does that mean that in this digital age crime has become common everywhere?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I have a gate and fence in my front and back garden, yes. I always like my gates to be closed. It’s more habit now I think, because when I had my dog, I was always very weary about people leaving the gate open incase he escaped!


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