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Have you ever reached 1000 virils in a day?


I have this odd notion that I would like to see if it is possible to earn as many as 1000 virils in a single day. It would certainly take some doing – lots of posts with plenty of views and comments, not to mention hours of doing very little else!

Is it possible? Have you ever managed it?

Incidentally, today is not going to be the day in question – I’ve got other things to do!

  • Have you ever earned 1000 virils in a day?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. your profile page will actually tell you your top day ever.

    I have managed to get 1000 virils times. There are at least three authors I know have earned that market multiple times (Albert, CarolDN, and Ghostwriter).

    It is actually not a number of posts thing.

    It is a view thing. I talked about this in a post a while ago. 1000 Virils breaks down to 200 views of a poll, or 100 views of a poll and 100 comments. The 100 comments by the by, don’t have to be on your post.

      • well, my friend that is an interesting question. I know that Albert and I talked about that for a long time.

        I don’t know what time of day does a whole lot, I do know that when some readers participate you are more likely to get more virils.

        Comments are the real win for the author
        (view, plus 2 for the comment = 3 for the author, then you reply 2 more. every comment gets you 5, reply gets you 3 more!)!

        30 comments is actually around 75 Virils.

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