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Have you ever hitchhiked?

People with crowns walk proudly believing that they deserve the red carpet because of high position or beautiful songs. But even a mere runny nose sets everything in place: we become the same – suffering and mortal. And when you look better, you can see that those crowns are just joker hats.

In my opinion, nothing brings more happy life than a simple life. 

You won’t believe it, in Kenya we met a man who came from the Czech Republic (his home) to Seychelles by hitchhiking (but not by cars, by ships) – across the ocean. From there – to Kenya. And he doesn’t think to stop, just will rest, heals his hand (fell on the deck in the dark), and goes on.

“How much money do you need to travel this way around the world?” I asked.”No money is needed, just a little bit in the seafaring, then you will be taken on the team and go for free. But it takes a lot of madness to not stop and resist the temptation to turn back.”

Mostly we are missing that madness.

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