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 We here in South-Africa, don’t celebrate Thanksgiving that much although, with the many American citizens having settled here, it’s rapidly catching on here. One great thing about it is that we get to see some turkeys in our stores which is just great for me because I enjoy turkey meat.

 So, we usually get one for our Christmas dinner too. Having said that, I’m curious, what does Thanksgiving mean to the average American, you? Is it a wonderful time of year when your family comes together to share a hug, meal, and some stories? 

Or is it when your grandpa gets drunk and asks you why you don’t have a girlfriend yet? Even after you’ve been married for 3 years to a gorgeous woman. Maybe it’s none of the above, but the one thing I do know is that each person’s Thanksgiving is absolutely unique. 

In preparing for the big occasion, I asked My friends on Smith Island, Hollie and Chris to share their best Thanksgiving food stories which I will share here on Virily soon. For now, I would much rather hear some of your Thanksgiving chuckle stories. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you all!

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