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Happiness is a moment

There are people who think they have so-called “natural failure”. To get rid of such a failure at any cost and to dig it out of life, they are very intensively searching for the untold treasures of joy and endorphins. Unfortunately, they often choose the wrong path. The shameful defeats of the search drive those misfortunes to the bottom, where the black hole absorbs the last remnants of hope. Then life loses its meaning, and the desire for happiness goes to oblivion.

Days, months, sometimes years pass, and such a person stops seeing. So pity! Sometimes we need to open our eyes. Take a look around. Feel it. Master it. Inhale. Understand. Happiness is a moment.

Every little moment we smile, when we feel that something is going well. That we live. Sometimes it is enough to go out for a walk, to feel the wind in our hair, the sunlight on our face or the smell of summer. Listen to the chirping of birds or the murmur of spring. It is enough to hear a close person’s laugh from happiness. Sometimes even one word proves how important you are to another person.

In such moments, think about your happiness. Think you have it just at hand, very close and you should not look for it. It is in you. This is what you need to know to make happy yourself. Fulfill your dreams, but don’t dream of winning a million, a villa with a pool, or the latest Ferrari, which is unlikely.

Focus on what matters most, what is most enjoyable, joyful, and good. Help your loved ones fulfill their dreams, either by kind words or by being sincere. And their joy will be your reward, there will be a short happy moment. The moment you remember and smile because it is happiness. Because it is to see and remember. Small things are important, you just have to notice.

And BTW,  it is possible to get out of each bottom – we just need a little bit of faith.

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