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Happiness in life

Each person created a paradise for himself, but how many people had a dream of paradise existing right before his eyes.

Most of them, after getting married, feel suffocated with their married life, most of them are dissatisfied with their partners, with the current life. And then we are skeptical with dreams, but some people can bravely do it again, from the beginning.

Around me still full of irony circumstances, my sister just came out and confided, I felt breathless, I didn’t want to stay in that house for another minute a second anymore. Or as your sister sighed, she was tired of life like this very much, just wanted to let go of all, she was not very eager anymore. Even my best friend is emaciated to the point of discovering her husband’s couple …

Surfing around a circle of Facebook, at some sister forums, I see the wives of complaining of husbands, bored of their mother-in-law … Floating women are there. Try asking, mothers show up to the people ‘s table to know the wrong things of their families, will their husbands be happy? And why they are not happy with their wives, but they still try to keep in their hearts, not suffering. Simple, they know to accept, because it is life; They simply create joy, simplify the problem. And the woman, why can’t she do it?

It is often said that a woman’s happiness is a measure of the kindness of a man. Or the woman is better at the husband. I really feel ridiculous. Why do women have to depend on men? Why can’t a woman be happy even if she can’t meet a nice man? And why can’t we bring happiness to ourselves?

I like the saying, in this life nobody lacks anyone to die. Only oneself, if we live in abundance, will die and die slowly.

Every time I have problems or concerns, I often remember the philosophical saying of my college friends, life is simple, only thinking of new people is complicated. Sure. Everything has its solution. Just like you, experiencing the turbulence of life, everything becomes light. And even though sometimes it seems that the death itself is alive and still feels difficult is just a barrier and we can finally overcome it. So, stay calm and live, but enjoy the sweet and healthy life that remains. No sin has to hold itself up to receive all the pain.

This morning, seeing the girls in the agency eight stories today is International Day of Happiness, I turned to ask my sister next to me: What color is happiness according to you? She replied: Happiness has many colors, sister! Maybe so. So why don’t we paint on the colors we like. As simple as I like coffee, even though I know how to drink well every time, I like the feeling of lightheadedness, lethargy, limp limbs, but just take a deep breath and breathe hard , naturally feel light heart. So is life. Simply doing what you like is fun.

I still like to hang around the streets every winter wind; I still like to cross the store to buy a bunch of flowers to the office plugged in my desk; I still like to go to coffee alone with billion melodious songs and wandering books about life stories and human affairs; I still like to walk around the lake just to inhale the street smell; I still like to go shopping and cook delicious dishes for the people I love; I still find the life interesting in each of these tours … Life is still peaceful days in the soul, not entangled, not worried.

And simply, happiness for me is that every morning I wake up, I still see peace watching the sunrise through the window, still find myself loving life when every time watching beautiful flower buds. In the end, we only make our life more interesting, so that we can appreciate more sweet moments in the limited life we have.

Women, be beautiful, be beautiful every time you can. You can sit in front of a mirror, paint a little more lipstick, add a bit of chalk, pour out lashes, and wear a beautiful outfit to step out onto the street with a proud heart. Simple happiness. Why not?

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  1. Deep thoughts I constntly ponder and always resolved to be grateful at the end of each day. And expect the sun rise again the next day. Generally, I am deeply happy for having solved the day’s problems.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Contentment is great gain, a lot of people the more they get the more they want. I believe in saying “thanks ” and that gives myself a good feeling as it does to others.

    Yes, Mum when as a child used to pull the curtains and smile and say “Good Morning” and that starts a sunny day

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