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Halloween Party ~ Horror Movie Marathon

In the USA, Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, every year.  Different people have different ways of celebrating.  The main way is for kids to dress up in costumes, go from house to house in the neighborhood ringing doorbells or knocking on doors and saying “Trick or Treat”.  Then they hold out a container and the neighbor puts candy in it.  That’s an old school or throwback tradition.  These days, because of safety concerns, people have modified that custom and now have “Trunk-or-Treat” events sponsored by an organization.  Sometimes people have private parties at their home and organize fun activities, etc.  Since people are making up the Halloween traditions, I propose a tradition whereby family members or family and friends get together and enjoy a horror movie marathon.  Dress up in costume or not!  BYOP is required. BYOP?  That’s Bring Your Own Popcorn!  So now for the VERSUS questions.

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    Which would you prefer? A vampire movie marathon or a werewolf movie marathon?

    • Prefer Vampire Movies
    • Prefer Werewolf Movies
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    Vampire, Werewolf or Other. That doesn’t matter. Movies should be Horror Comedy OR Horror Drama?

    • Horror Comedy. KIF. Keep it funny!
    • Horror Drama. MIS. Make it scary!
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    Should guests be requested to wear costumes to the horror movie marathon?

    • Costumes are fun! It’s Halloween!
    • Comfy Clothing. Come have fun!
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    Should the movie marathon be BYOP? (Bring Your Own Popcorn.)

    • Yes. Bring Your Own Popcorn.
    • Popcorn and Treats provided.
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    Is a Halloween Horror Movie Marathon a good idea?

    • Horror movie marathon party? YES!
    • Not my idea of a Happy Halloween.


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