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Habits … and excuses … LOL

My old keyboard broke down… actually it may not have broken down but some of my ports aren’t working after I did a Windows Update … but this is just my guess work… because its the event that happen just before the problem.

Anyway, all my USB3.0 ports and PS/2 ports aren’t working anymore. And my old keyboard is one with the PS/2 connector.

The point is, I’ve to change a new keyboard. Luckily, I’ve gotten a spare. I bought it as a set (gaming Keyboard+mouse) during a sales when my mouse broke previously. This one has a USB connector, so it works.

I love that it has this cool LED backlight, although I didn’t plan to switch it on a lot but I’ve to…

Anyway, this is still not the main point … lol. I guess I do get sidetracked easily. The main point is … the layout of this new keyboard is slightly different from my old one … so I tend to make more typos … (see I told you there’ll be an excuse. LOL)

Anyway, it’s quite surprising, what effects a small change could have.

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    See the slight difference?

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    The keys on the keyboard is not really visible without the backlight …

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    it’s quite surprising, what effects a small change could have.

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Written by alibb


    • Hmm… the LED aren’t glaring…
      they’re quite mild …
      but the layout is different so I keep hitting the wrong spot… :/

    • The light is ok… (actually I like it! It’s quite mild)… it’s the layout that annoys me, some keys are moved, some keys further away than what I’m so used to…

    • I does gets a little frustrating when I hit the spot I’m so used to and the character that comes out is not what I expected!