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Great Friday

The believers and the church today mark the Good Friday, the day when, according to faith, Jesus Christ was judged and crucified at Golgotha, where he died. Great Friday is considered the saddest day of Christianity and is associated with a large number of customs and beliefs.That is why it is the saddest Christian holiday. Today he is fast fasting, not singing, not rejoicing, and until Easter, on Sunday when Jesus resurrected, church bells do not ring because they symbolize joy, but believers are invited to the temple by wooden chat rooms.

Usually, Easter eggs are painted, most often with a red color that symbolizes Christ’s blood. This day is a red letter, so nothing is done either from home or from Polish jobs. Women of that day are not allowed to take the needle at any cost, because it is believed that their blisters will be released on their hands.

This day of Christian sadness is also the last and most significant of the Straddling Week for all the Christian world, and his death is an introduction to the joy of the Resurrection that all Christian churches mark this year on Sunday, April 28th.

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  1. We have the same traditions. I painted my eggs on Thursday. They are not all in red, but the first thing I leave before the icon of the Holy Mother is always red. It stays there until the next Easter.

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