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Grasshopper ~ Day 226

I was out walking around in the yard after many thunderstorms over the last few days. Part of a tree was blown down. Not too bad. And I saw this grasshopper perched on the fence. I managed to get a few shots of him before he hopped away. Amazing at the little things you miss if you are not looking. This is why I always have my camera with me. More rain headed this way but that is ok. Others have had a lot of wind damage. 

I learned a few things about the grasshopper. The female grasshopper lays an egg pod that contains a couple of dozen grasshopper eggs in late fall to early winter, depending on the area. The female grasshopper inserts her egg pod into the soil so that it is a couple of inches underground. The grasshopper eggs can take up to 9 months to hatch as they wait until the weather has warmed before breaking into the outside world.

When the first baby grasshopper (known as a nymph) hatches out of its egg, it tunnels through the soil and up to the surface, and the remaining grasshopper nymph follow. As they get older, the grasshoppers will increase in size until they are adults. The grasshopper only remains in this stage (young and adult) for a few months before it dies meaning that most grasshoppers spend the majority of their lives inside an egg. Amazing facts I did not know.

Have a great Friday everyone.


365 Photos Challenge Day 226

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Written by Carol DM

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