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Got Good Grammar Got Money

People look at big, successful companies with respect and assume that they use grammar well. In the late 1900s people got to thinking about Apple and how it used grammar in its “Think Different” advertising campaign. In a recently done study it was discovered that big companies do make grammar mistakes. Grammarly took a look at the writing of six of the world’s most popular companies.

What they found out was that all of these companies make grammar mistakes. However it also uncovered another truth which is that the companies who made the least mistakes also made the most money. Grammarly made a comparison of the comments which the companies left on the social network Linkedin. It took a look at the grammar, the spelling, and punctuation errors in 400 words of text from each of the companies it was taking a look at.

Grammarly went on to compare the mistakes which were made by Coke and Pepsi, Facebook and Google, and Ford and General Motors. It discovered that Coke made four times fewer writing mistakes than Pepsi, Google made nearly four times fewer mistakes than Facebook, and Ford made fewer mistakes than General Motors. All of the companies which made fewer mistakes Coke, Google, and Ford also make more money.

Now this doesn’t mean that people won’t choose Pepsi over Coke but what it does mean is that a company which shows accurate writing also demonstrates professionalism and it is more likely that companies which show that people can trust them will be more likely to sell them their products or services.

That makes me think that anyone who does not know English well would do much better practicing their English on the free English As a Second Language sites found online. As you see good English means making good money and I think it is just as important on whatever site you write on.

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  1. Very interesting! I think they do it on purpose to sound colloquial, and also get attention. If something is wrong, it will definitely catch your eye. Like, how everyone is talking about Starbucks baristas who never spell people’s names correctly.
    “I’m loving it” from McDonalds is another example.

      • Now there is a scallywag if ever there was one! He is the father of plagiarism, but I love the bard’s work just the same. Plato, Pliny, Socrates all of them were artfully plagiarized by him. When once asked about it, he replied that while he finds it immoral, it is likely the finest compliment and author can receive, that, of having his work copied!

          • You will have to know a bit about the Greek and Latin philosophers and playwrights to see what I am suggesting Floral, none the less, it is so. I am leaving you just an infinitely small example to substantiate my bold declaration above, an appetizer of sorts, enjoy:” If we count the number of allusions to the classical world occurring in Shakespeare’s plays, we will be amazed at the frequent usage of classical references: 56 in Troilus and Cresida, 53 in Titus Andronicus, 39 in Antony and Cleopatra, 38 in Love’s Labour Lost, 37 in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 31 in Cymberline, 26 in Coriolanus, 25 in Romeo and Juliet, All’s Well that Ends Well and Pericles, 19 in Hamlet 11 in Othello, and 8 in both Macbeth and King Lear.1

  2. I have Grammerly and it still does not always pick up mistakes I make. At times it picks up things that are right and not a mistake. I believe all make mistakes. I have read articles and have seen mistakes they have made also.

  3. I had written a post about the plight of writers who write for sites that do not demand much of grammar and spelling. Itis left to the user not to exploit the situation but take the trouble to write perfect English. I am one of those that takes the trouble.

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