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Google and Facebook threat to human rights.

Amnesty International, a global human rights organization, has called the business model of big internet companies like Google and Facebook a threat to human rights. Amnesty alleges that these companies are involved in the violation of these rights by relentlessly monitoring and stealing data and collecting personal information of citizens. The organization called on the European Union and the German government to enact new laws to ensure the rights of future generations. According to Amnesty, nearly three billion people use Facebook every month, while more than 90% of Internet users worldwide use Google search engine.

  • Are Amnesty International’s demands from the European Union and the German government justified?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by zaibjaz

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  1. Google and Facebook are not the threat. The humans who use the technology to promote, advance or carry out insidious and sinister evil agenda aimed at violating the rights of other humans are the threat!

    Let me put it this way. One human uses fire to warm himself and prepare food. Another human uses fire to burn somebody else’s house down. Is the fire the threat?

      • I don’t believe the corporations or the top executives of the corporations are the ones with malicious intent. I’m not trying to paint the owners as saints. But I think the owners didn’t create their products and services and then turn around and misuse. I think The Enemy came from outside. But they still have to address the problems. They are responsible for taking the safety and security measures tp prevent abuses of their products.

        Let me put it this way. You locked all the doors in your house and made sure the windows were bolted down to prevent entry and you set the alarm to warn you of an intruder. But the party with malicious intent still found a way into your house. Now you have to get them out of your house and figure out how to stop them from getting back in.

        The corporations don’t want to destroy themselves nor do they want to let others destroy them. I think Google and Facebook recognize and realize the burden fo the responsibility they bear to PROTECT human rights. I find it hard to believe they want to threaten human rights.

          • As I said I’m not trying to paint them as saints. But if you tell me that they started their businesses with deliberate bad intentions of violating the privacy of their customers, I don’t think so. Just like I don’t think the people who built Alexa, built that product with the evil intentions of extracting private health information about people’s children. But it happened.

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