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Goodbye old windows!


This is the last photo ever of our house with its old windows, which are being replaced as I write this – my feet are freezing due to there being a gaping hole where one of the windows used to be!

I took this yesterday just after the scaffolding had gone up, and look forward to being able to take the first one with the new windows in place.

The house is more than 100 years old and we moved in 30 years ago. The original windows were wooden sash windows that had warped and were almost impossible to open. We therefore had them replaced very soon after we moved in, but they have now got to the stage of needing to be replaced themselves. The windows at the back of the house were all replaced about four years ago when the house was extended.

The new windows will revert to the original sash format, but in UPVC.

And no – the house is not falling over sideways – I just didn’t have the camera straight, that’s all!

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  1. It’s a lovely house, Indexer. With houses being as old as they are, things will inevitably need replacing from time to time. Going back to the original sash windows will look nice. UPVC will be better too. I hope these windows will last you some years to come before they need replacing again.

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