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Good Intentions and Don’t Press that Snooze Button, Please!

Good intentions. We have these confusing thoughts sometimes. Good intentions whether to act or carry them out. What’s this long-range goal we’ve built up and planned a long time ago? What’s happening now?

We start out by pinning down priorities, don’t we?  Either on the day-to-day grind, or of life in general, or of a better future. Right now, we are asleep under that thick woolen, fleece blanket. It’s more comfortable there, isn’t it?  Not a care in the immediate world around us.

Yeah, why not?

Lose weight. Stay healthy and strong. Exercise more. Work harder. Earn money. Budget to be debt-free. Spend less. Replenish what was lost from our hard-earned retirement fund because of covid19. Good intentions seem clouded in our minds at the moment, isn’t it?

As you get up early in the morning, do you remember why you carefully thought of intending to wake up early? What was your plan? What was your purpose? What were you thinking of doing yesterday that a loved one might need you today? And tomorrow? And the next…?

Words do have power, whether unto life or death. We know that as a principle. We know that actions of love and understanding last a lifetime to someone. Good intentions that show, “I’m on the same page with you, your dreams, your goals, your struggles, your hopes.” They DO make someone’s day filled with joy and hope.

We can achieve our goals and overcome the poison of self-doubt. There should be no time and space for self-loathing at any time of any day. We can arise and shine early in the morning, prepare to shoulder the burden of our duty. Facing what’s ahead we really don’t want to do.

But please, let’s not press that snooze bar.  Get on with our good intentions. We’ll realize how very much we are needed.

We delay our own pleasures for the meantime. We plan a better situation to ensure benefits not only for ourselves but for our loved ones. Build. Tackle that shed. Be and do more fun things with the kids and spouse.

Better yet, do intentional acts of kindness—with sweet smiles from our hearts to theirs. That, I intend to do!

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    Do you make your intentions good?

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    Do your make your good intentions deliberate and proactive?

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  1. That’s a great article, which I enjoyed reading.

    In linking good intentions to love, I might say that:

    Good intentions come from burning the fuel of love knowingly, and this allows you to follow love’s plan for your life.

    Bad intentions, or not following good intentions, is pouring water onto this energy of love, so you become cold in love, and cold to yourself, doubting that there ever was a power of love within you.


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