Going to Pea Patch Island and Two Egg

According to legend, a ship that was heavily laden sank in the shallows of the Delaware River. It wound up spilling its cargo of peas and the peas started sprouting, catching slit and growing wild. As a result, the mudflat became an island. In 1814 Fort Delaware was built on the spit of land and kept Confederate prisoners during the Civil War. So it came to be that the state of Delaware wound up with Pea Patch Island. Today locals say they can hear ghosts tapping on the roof and under the floors of the fort.

The town of Two Egg, Florida got its name during the Great Depression. At that time many of the town’s people faced unemployment and malnutrition which led to bartering in order to get some food. There were two boys who would bring two eggs to a local store in exchange for a cup of sugar. Soon the locals began calling the store “two egg store”. When traveling salesmen picked up this phrase they passed it along to neighboring towns. So it came to be Two Egg. The town’s claim to fame is that it has a resident ghost known as the Ghost of Bellamy Bridge and it is the childhood home of Oscar-winning actress Faye Dunaway.

The photo is a Google image of the haunted Bellamy Bridge in Two Egg.

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