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Going to church for the faith

There is a song here about people who go to church. It is a satire but on a serious tone. The song’s title is Holy dog and Saintly horse. They are the people who regularly go to church to profess their faith in religion. But once outside the church, they are just ordinary mortals who do not even care for other people. They are selfish, rude and has no real manners to speak of. The song is lashing at those kind of believers in faith.

Faith is what guides people to the right direction, so to speak. We join a religion to be a good person. That is why I am shocked to read about people who kill for their religion. My take on religion is a belief that mankind is just one and the same. Oh well, we might just sing the song of John Lennon for simplicity. Can you imagine if there is no religion that divides us?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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