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Going on a picnic

When the word picnic is mentioned, what comes to mind is the beach or the mountain resort where you can spread the blanket so you can place the food basket there. But a picnic can be held anywhere. It can be in a swimming pool or just in your own backyard. All you need is the food and the people to enjoy what you have.

In this age of the malls, picnic is not very popular anymore. Swimming trips and vacation trips are still there but the casual picnic seems to be going out of style. When I was younger, a picnic means barbecue, cooked seafood and fruits. Friends and family would be chatting all day long and that’s it for the day. What a slow life we had in those years.

  • How often do you go on a picnic?

    • once a year
    • twice a year
    • 3 times a year or more
    • never


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Written by Alex Socorro


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