Going downstream we will never realize our full potential

Human crisis. The one that visits each of us. When we get frustrated with everything. When we no longer believe in ourselves. When we stand on the edge of an abyss and say to ourselves – either a step forward or a thousand to the other side. Yes, it is one step easier than a thousand, and yet on an unknown road. However, which option would be more valuable?

Today I say thanks for all the crises that have occurred in my life. Standing once again on the edge of the abyss, in other words – we are experiencing an internal crisis. Because of unfulfilled dreams, difficult periods of life, family problems.

However, I understand that this is hardening, and all that is needed is to enjoy such crises. Of course, you say, rejoice that you are not doing well ?? Isn’t it stupid ?? At first glance, certainly so. But when I get deeper, I realize that if I had not such crises, I wouldn’t move forward, or learn to live. I think we need to learn to live.  Because going downstream we will never realize our full potential.

It is said that Destiny, God, or the Universe gives a man as much suffering as he can bear. Definitely not more.

Good luck to you and tell your failures a big thanks – they come not to hurt you, but to help you. And that, I think, is the biggest paradox in life.

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