Going abroad once again

As I was checking for the old pictures I came across some pictures taken during our travel abroad. It is nice to look at those pictures to remind me of the happy moments in our vacation. Traveling is not just sight-seeing but discovering other aspects in the culture of that country. For me, food is the most important and next is the religious culture.

Now I am missing our travels that I hope we can go out of the country again next year. In fact, we already have bought plane tickets for Seoul, South Korea. That is a prediction that the corona virus is gone by June 2021.

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Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. I find myself in an odd situation during this time. I have both the US and Latvian citizenship and even if I wanted to return to Latvia they say that they will not let anyone from the US into Europe but what about a Latvian citizen wanting to return? It is a strange world we now live in.

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