Goats on the loose

Compared to cattle, goats are easier to manage not because they are small. Goats can be on a leash or in a cage like a corral or even loose. Having the freedom to choose what to eat when they are loose, goats are fatter and the milking goats can have more milk. For the feeding, caged goats can be given grains aside from the grass. Obviously the feeding of goats has some costs unlike when the goat is loose, it can feed on grass or on any other plants that the goat feels edible and palatable.

The main issue of the loose goats is the appetite for the plants that even decorative plants are eaten much more with the vegetables. Some farmers tie the goat with a long rope to control their movement and their feeding as well. But being on a leash lessens the appetite of the goats which means it is not as fat as the goats on the loose.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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