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Gloxinia is a beautiful plant like the African violet . This one grows from tubers and like African violets require the similar kind of soil and growing conditions.

The botanical name of Gloxinia is Sinningia speciosa. It is a perennial that can add magic to your garden. Gloxinias are native to Brazil.

Gloxinias need to be planted in spring. The soil needs to able to retain a tiny amount of  moisture and should be well draining.  I usually use coco peat, vermiculite and small  amount of garden soil. It is a indoor plant and cannot tolerate direct sun like African violets. The tubers need to be planted right at the soil level to avoid rotting.

Watering can kill this plant more than anything else. African violet fertilizers work well for gloxinias. However, I prefer organic fertilizers for all my plants. I use a small amount rock phosphate and bone meal in the soil mix.

These plants require a lot of light, but not direct sunlight. Never keep these plants near glass windows where there is direct sunlight. The heat will not only burn the leaves but it will eventually cook the plant.

How to grow gloxinia in hot climates?

In the subtropics it good to hang them in the shade of trees. Indirect light and heat is enough to help this plant thrive. It is important to reduce and slowly stop watering the plants when it is done blooming. This could help you save the tubers for the next season.

I have had many failures with Gloxinia as it doesn’t do well in our climate. However,  it is from failures that you learn the route to success.

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  1. well overwatering is the one thing I can do well! I guess this one is not for me! i am a plant killer by accident.

    Lovely picture and interesting – i agree with you on the choice of organic soil additives. It is much better for the environment overall!

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