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Global Warming

There is no doubt that fast progress in technology has made human life very comfortable and successful. We see that the journey of months and weeks is being done in hours and minutes. Things that were prepared in days and weeks now getting prepare in the minutes.

But this progress in technology have created many difficulties and dangers for humans as well. The biggest danger is global warming. The temperature of earth is increasing day by day. One of its basic reason is Trees pruning. If we did not timely focus on tree plantation than the temperature of the land will rise to unbearable status in next few year.

So, the  tree plantation is biggest need of the moment. Government of Pakistan is giving special attentions towards this cause but we should also Cooperate with government.

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    Are you aware of effects of global warming.?

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    Do you like to plant tree.?

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Written by SRShah


  1. While we are here we can be kind to the environment. The earth is a living planet and things will change. It too has a time line and climate change is a part of that.