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Glass Painting – Hobby

After I quit my job and became a SAHM I picked up many hobbies. Acrylic painting, clay dolls, writing and candle making.  This is the first of my glass paintings. The door to my balcony in the apartment where I lived then was pain and ugly. I tried adding stickers to them but they still looked ugly. I wanted to paint and my husband wasn’t so happy with the idea. He is a better artist than I am . So i came up with a suggestion that I would give him the design and colors while he would paint.

Reluctantly he agreed and we went on with our project. Just around that time he had to travel all over the world and he often returned tired. So he asked me to go ahead with the painting. I tried getting him to do some parts of it but after working with oils he felt glass paint was not to his liking.

I went ahead and completed the painting. There were a lot of glitches during the project. The paints we get here were so inferior at that time and so cloggy but I just went ahead and did what I had to do. It offered us some privacy, but barely.

My only regret it after a couple of more projects which I did for my friends I couldn’t continue with this hobby. My back trouble started to show up and I had to give up on painting. Of all the hobbies I adopted then  only writing remains. I do clay and candle work once in a while but not on a regular basis.

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