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Giving In Is Not Giving Up Its Taking Control

I admit I am a hard head, I want facts and not just hear say, and at times this can be trying for others to understand.

I hope this …. my story…. helps someone else, that is what I want, especially if you are a hard head too.

I was told I am a diabetic back in 2007 so I am not new to the eating game. I went years being the good diabetic and eating right, keeping those blood sugar numbers down without medication but I was still overweight by 30 pounds.

Nowadays, 2019,  I am on a pill because I became a bad girl and ate the goodies. Well, My doctor wants me to lose 20 pounds, get back to being the good girl with no medication. So hard head me said “Okay let`s try this!” I already work pout around the homestead and I walk 30 minutes a day.

He put me on a 1200 calorie a day diet, I thought okay this will be a breeze to accomplish because I don`t eat much, and told me to double the exercise. “No problem!” said hard head me.

Whoa! What the heck! Avocado`s have how many calories? 250! but aren`t those supposed to be ‘the healthy food?’

This was an eye opener for me! ALL those calories! The healthy foods I was eating are not good for me.

One serving of oatmeal, plain and nasty, is 150 calories? But two eggs are only 140, hmm…

I thought, “maybe old doc is on to something, now I have facts.”

I began to try and stay around 1200 calories a day, harder some days, easier other days.

If I wanted a double cheeseburger, I wrote down the calories, by the way McDonald`s double cheeseburger has 437 calories. but I did not give up anything I wanted to eat.

The exercise? Well… I upped the walking minutes a little at a time and now I am at walking that one hour most days of the week, not in rain.

I went back to my four month appointment and I have a new doctor, big sigh, but I still was happy to know I had lost 13 pounds without trying that hard. I also dropped a size in blue jeans, I am now in a size 10!

Now what did I give up and I no longer have a craving for?

1- Bananas

They are so full of sugars and those were keeping me fat. I have them up.

2 – Pizza

I slowly stopped eating this and the last day I found that it was not as good as I had always thought it would be.

3- Burritos

I was making these by the batches, freezing them for a quick meal. I did not realize just the wrap itself was 330 calories! I have not had one since. However, I will make it without the wrap.

4 – Spaghetti

I made spaghetti once a week, it was fast and easy, filled with vegetables, a little cheese and the wonderful pasta, a slice of garlic bread! I spaced this out even further and ya know what? I don`t crave it anymore.

5 – Potatoes?

WELL…..I cut back on these and I will have some fries or a baked potato, or some cubed in homemade soup. While many people think they have to have them because its a cheap food, then go on being overweight, be the hard head I was, its your life.

Seems I can live without some foods I once thought I would absolute die if I had to give them up.

Now I am convinced, since I have all the facts, that with the tweak of your diet, mostly portion size, you can lose weight and still have that slice of cake.

Oh! I have not got my blood tests back, yet, but my fasting blood sugar at home has dropped from 170`s to 200 each morning to 120`s to 140`s. Now that is progress in kicking diabetes butt!

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry

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Written by Andria Perry

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