Give way to the ambulance

It is in the law to give way to the ambulance on the road that also applies to the fire truck. The reason is their emergency run that they need to go faster to reach their destination. In the case of the fire truck, the siren would be blaring to make it known that there is a fire somewhere and delaying the truck can cost more damages. The ambulance has the siren working when there is a patient that needed to reach the hospital as soon as possible.

So what happens when the ambulance has the siren blaring but turned out to have no patient? There were several cases here that the siren of the ambulance was emitting a loud sound for the other vehicles to give way. And then an accident occurs that the ambulance accidentally hit a vehicle. What comes next is the revelation that there was no patient and the siren was turned on just so the ambulance would not be held in traffic. What do you thin is the best punishment for the ambulance driver?

  • Do you give way to ambulance and fire truck?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


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  1. in the US siren is on to rush to an emergency and to rush to the hospital.

    if they are using it to avoid traffic, oh well. The end game is what if the person that needs people to move aside is a member of your family?

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