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Ghost cities and quite skies – Sky Sunday

Covid 19 has restricted our movements, we don’t have a lock down yet, but while practicing social distancing there is very little opportunity for photography.

I stood on my terrace looking at my garden and the skies because right now this is my outside world. There is not too many people outside, except for the construction workers who work as if nothing has changed.

Only maids and housekeepers seem to be scampering up and down to get supplies for their bosses. It is sad that they get exposed this way to this dreadful disease lurking around.

There is not much happening in the skies either, there are no airplanes leaving their trails or helicopters flying low. It was a cloudless sky. I just stood there listening to the rather muted sounds of the city. It seemed like a ghost city.

This picture was taken a year ago from my terrace,  I didn’t like any of the pictures of the sky I took today. I am not complaining. I prefer the quiet  and the less polluted skies. I am not bored either I have enough to do.

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  1. The good news and bad news.

    Good- the virus remains somewhat contained in the area around us. It is exploding in other parts of the US but the rate has slowed where we are.

    The badnews – it is 6 days of all of us together and well we are all bored!

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