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I always need an extra dose of inspiration to keep me going. So I inspire myself. Looking at the blooms in my garden, watching the sunset or the sunrise, even watching the clouds and the birds lifts up my soul and gets me inspired.

Inspiration is like the tonic for creativity. It is the surge of energy to keeps you going. It is the rush of adrenaline that helps you leap over obstacles that come your way.

Life is not always smooth sailing, we need inspiration to keep us going. Especially those of us who write or do something creative. Inspiration helps us embrace our challenges.

Inspiration is life, Get inspired!

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    Do you look for ways to get inspired?

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    Does inspiration help get through challenges?

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Written by Dawn


  1. I have over the years built a system for myself, of go inspiration. Events (as you mentioned sunrise, sunset) but also works of artists. Paintings, poems, short stories, and quotes are also great triggers for me!

  2. I am always inspired by different things even a baby smiling or a pregnant woman who is happy when she feels her baby playing in her womb.