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German lady has decided to marry a 40 ton aircraft Boeing 737

In Germany, the love of a woman’s plane became a lifelong companion.  Michelle chose the Boeing 737 as a life partner. The 30-year-old German woman has decided to marry a 40 ton aircraft. The journey of this crazy love and madness began 6 years ago and  now she is going to be wife a Boeing 737 forever and ever.

Michelle Kobe says she first saw the Boeing 737 at Berlin Airport and at first glance she fell in love with it, The first meeting with the boeing 737 at the airport was held in September last year

Michelle said , She met the plane standing in the hangar, she also kissed the wings and named the aircraft and then after another meeting was made and decided to marry the plane.

Although Michelle Kobe’s family and friends have accepted this relationship, however family members have expressed no interest in “meeting” the plane,. Michelle have planned a program to meet boeing 737 on march 18 in Amsterdam and on the same day the michelle will hold a regular wedding ceremony

The expert call this type of affection an objectbophilia, In which a person is attracted to an inanimate object.

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