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Fun Tech Travis (for translation) and AstroReality for AR of the universe!!!

I have some upcoming reviews, but I wanted to talk about a concept today that is intriguing to me (for me?). First off the Travis Translation team is working with a company called Zoi Meets to release a real-time transaction service in your web meetings. It leads me closer to the concept of universal translation. Travis, the Translator, continues to improve. There are some translation devices that offer interesting online and offline translation capabilities.  I’ve had discussions with other folks that travel, for the most part, people are happy with Google Translate. Travis and the others are more focused on the nuanced language market. They do a much better job and don’t force you to do two things.

  1. Lose the use of your phone for anything else (such as a camera, cellular phone etc while you are using it as a translator)
  2. Cost money (Google Translate is online only ergo you have to pay for the data you use)

Before I head off on the original thing that intrigues me, I did want to point out the difference between nuanced language and what the online translation services do. Nuanced language is where most people speak. It is the application of slang and colloquial language. It is the difference between English (spoke in the UK) and American (English is spoken in the US). Travis does much better in the world of Nuanced Language.

That brings me to my initial concept of the meeting. When I first started in IT, we had one meeting room that had a projector (they were really expensive). We didn’t have interactive monitors and very few whiteboards. The evolution of what a meeting room is has continued to evolve. The addition of translation services within the meeting makes well it makes it a lot more interesting. Now you can meet with people all around the world and not have to have a translator in the room for every language (except sign language, you still have to have a translator for sign language).

Astro Realty, the AR company just launched a new Kickstarter Campaign (I think this is their 3rd). This one is an AR Coffee Mug. This follows son their lunar and earth campaigns that were successful. They have also continued to expand its product line. It is an interesting demonstration, as well as the application of AR in the wild.

The evolution of technology is interesting. AstroReality and Travis are both crowdfunding campaigns that became companies.

  • Do you have friends whose primary language is one you don’t speak?

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  • Have you ever used Google or Bing Translate?

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  • Do you like subtitles?

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  1. I remember even a decade ago, machine translation was pretty weak and not estimated to improve much in the foreseeable future and then Google’s AI blew everyone away with completely unexpected breakthroughs. Now the prospects of localization are bright…

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