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Fudge Was the Cry

I don’t know how or why or perhaps from where it came. Fudge may be delicious food to eat but I used this word as an expletive when things went wrong. I was in my teens and as much as I had gotten an education in as many foul words as I could handle I decided to find a word that could be socially acceptable to express my dislike. For some reason, that word happened to be fudge. So it went –

  • Banged my knee – fudge
  • Knocked my head – fudge
  • Forgot my homework – fudge
  • The teacher calls on me – fudge

So forth and so on you get the picture. Wonder how it came to be that I didn’t get cravings for actual fudge. My obsession with this word ended rather abruptly. One day at school one of my teachers was terrorizing us. This is what I call it when questions are thrown at us and we are expected to answer them. If I remember correctly I believe this was history class and the situation went as follows:

What was the cause of the Civil War? Sleepy and tired I actually replied fudge. Fudge? The teacher inquired. It was then that I realized what I had said. So I replied sorry, never mind. I got a reprimand from the teacher and I never used the word again in this context.

That is a photo of me as a teenager

  • Question of

    Was there a word you used often growing up?

    • Yes
  • Question of

    Can we really be sure that fudge didn’t have anything to do with the Civil War?

    • Yes


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  1. That’s a funny story, Rasma! I am sure the choice of ‘fudge’ as an expletive-substitute has something to do with it sharing its first syllable with a certain word… As for the part fudge played in your civil war, I feel certain there is a doctoral dissertation waiting to be written 😀


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