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I’m sure that a great many of you know the traditional cake known as fruitcake which is usually baked at Christmas. Well, this article isn’t about cake it is about the other meaning of fruitcake which also refers to a person who is crazy. It came out to be an amusing story but could have ended with a fight.

There was an elderly man who wasn’t happy with the world, people and lots of other things. When it came to people he would mutter his opinions under his breath. This gentleman lived in a small neighborhood in New Jersey. I forgot the name but it was one of those neighborhoods where everyone knows one another.

They were used to this man and didn’t pay much attention to him. The little children stayed out of his way and teens would make fun of him. He would go shopping and a teen would whiz by him on a skateboard and he’d shout, “Fruitcake!” Meaning he thought the teen had loose screws in his head. He would approach the cashier in the supermarket and if he thought the price he had to pay was unusually high he’d ask, “Lady are you a fruitcake or what?” It was just his way and people didn’t get offended by him.

Then this one, so-called, society lady decided that someone should talk to him and tell him that it was just impolite to call others fruitcake just because he didn’t like something or didn’t agree with something. The lady herself finally approached him and luckily as it turned out the gentleman was just trying to draw attention to himself since he was lonely.

Getting him to join the senior citizens club was a piece of cake. The problem appeared to be solved. At Christmas time this elderly man decided to take a fruitcake as a gift to this lady to thank her for turning his life around.  He carefully wrapped the cake in a nice box and was quite nervous and flustered as to how to present the gift to the woman. He went to her house and held the box in front of him. When she opened the door he said, “Fruitcake!”

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    Have you ever heard someone use the word fruitcake about a person they thought was crazy?

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    Have there been times when you have suddenly said something and right away regretted it?

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