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Fruit that helps lose belly fat

Avocado is high in fat and therefore has many calories (160 in 100 grams). So no, you should not overstate your consumption. But you should include it frequently and in moderate doses in your diet, alone or as a complement to numerous recipes. And that’s the secret to helping dry the belly – power that strangely comes from fat, according to a study from Harvard University’s medical school in the United States.

Composed mainly of oleic acid (the same anti-inflammatory substance as olive oil), avocado fat reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome – a metabolic disorder capable of triggering diabetes and weight gain.

Reduces cortisol levels – Another component of fruit that favors slimming is glutathione. “This substance, naturally present in the body, is enhanced by avocado. The result: greater control under cortisol levels, also known as a stress hormone that in excess in the body, makes it difficult to lose weight.

Inflammation blocker – Avocado beta-sitosterol acts as an anti-inflammatory, causing the body’s cells to perform better. This not only facilitates the diet but also reduces the appearance of early wrinkles and cellulite.

Appetite suppressant – The fat of the fruit also increases the feeling of satiety and postpones the hunger. To obtain this effect, simply ingest a moderate portion – a thin slice in the salad, for example.

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