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Fruit punch is a classy drink

Be it an informal or formal event serving fruit punches or light liquor fruit punches add class and glamour to the event. Preparing a punch is simple. But that they quench the thirst is a different matter.

Punch is the word derived from Sanskrit which means 5. So those from the West who think punches came from there they need to  think again (lol)

Fruit Punches could be any of 5 fruit juices. Get some fresh fruits and extract juice from them. Mix equal quantities of all these 5 juices and blend them together.  I would suggest – orange, pineapple, grapes, lemon and sapota. The fruit punch thus prepared should be refrigerated for about 2 hours and served with ice. An orange wedge stuck on the glass gives it a classy look Serving in tall glasses is what is recommended.

In the case of a rum punch some amount of aged rum and some amount of light rum is added to any 3 fruit juices. The same procedure is followed as for fruit juices. This could be served in stemmed wine glasses.

Preparing fruit punches or light liquor fruit punches using artificial fruit juices is never done. The taste lies in using fresh fruits bought and the juice prepared at home.

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