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Fruit at Mother's House ~ Nature Tuesday

This is the srikaya tree in my mother’s house. I took the picture last Monday with a cellphone camera. If you pay attention, you can see there are two srikaya that hang there. The small one is almost ripe and the big one is still raw. I have posted about this fruit twice and

Many people like this fruit, including my wife, unfortunately not many people have this tree. Many people ask my mother for this fruit, and she certainly gives it, even though she often has to give up this fruit when she wants to pick it already eaten by the bats. Basically, she was only happy to plant and care for plants, including several types of betel and other medicinal plants that people often needed, and my mother was very happy when someone asked for something from her. In fact, she is well known by the traders around her because she almost never refuse anything they sell when they offer her on the grounds of pity or empathy for them, and without bargaining. In the house where she lives alone, there is so much stuff and food to be wasteful because no one uses or eats it. We have advised our mother not to always buy what is offered to her but it seems our advice is not effective.

By the way, this fruit, besides being delicious to eat as a fruit, is also very delicious as a jam.

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    Do you know this fruit?

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    Do I or my siblings must insist in order our mother doesn’t buy what she doesn’t need and only buys out of pity and empathy?

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  1. My grandparents’ fig tree has the same trouble with critters. Not bats, but birds.
    I think it’s important your mother learns to not waste food, but she has good intentions and her good heart should not be chained. Perhaps she could donate the food or just pay a tip to the traders without buying anything. You’ve probably already told her so, old habits die hard.

    • Hi, glad to see you again.

      There were some fruit trees in my mother’s yard, and it seemed like bats and birds competed somewhat there.

      That’s what we often say to mom but she never has the heart to refuse, so that even many merchants simply place their wares on the patio table if my mother is not at home, and she owes without any agreement!
      My mother doesn’t like to eat sweets but wherever she goes she will bring a bag of it to share with anyone she meets, taxi drivers, security officers, church officers, children, anyone…

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