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From Mainframes to Virily what does it mean?


The path to tomorrow lies in where we came from. It is an interesting thought in the technology world, and not always one that people consider. The first part is simple, consider where technology has come from — a world of connection by cabling. The original mainframe computers were mountains that did not go to the user; the user came to the computer system. The tape libraries of some of those old mainframes were huge rooms built off the end of the data center floor. Consider the mainframe for a moment to be a spider on a giant went. The spider stays in one place in this web, and the web brings dinner to the spider. Rather than the spider moving around the web.

Out of that spider, the web grew client server. Client-server is different than the mainframe. If you think of that spider web, there is only one spider on each web. The same for a mainframe, in the sense that you connect to one system at a time. With client-server solutions you might be connecting to multiple computers in the process of getting a web page, paying bills with your bank, or connecting to Virily! Client-Server solutions use two different things to make sure they operate in a highly available manner. The first is called load balancing. That is often, either a server or a piece of hardware that sits in front of the web site or application and makes sure that no one server has to carry the entire load.

Load balancing is like defense in soccer. Everyone has an assigned role.  The goalie patrols the goal area. The back line is responsible for stopping the ball before it is shot at the gaol. Now, the example, if we were not using load balancing, would be the goalie doing all the jobs of defending the goa0l and trying to stop the ball and then trying to stop the shot on the goal. Not many teams could win with a non-load balanced goalie system. Normally client-server solutions are setup with front ends (in the case of Virily that is the web page). Then there is a backend (sometimes you will get an error on Virily that says “back end fetch failed” that is the front end talking to the backend (the database).

Lots of moving pieces keeping something like Virily working!

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    had you ever heard the term front end server?

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    Did you know load balancing wasn’t just for truckers?

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    Have you ever gotten a back end fetch error on Virily?

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  1. Q: had you ever heard the term front end server?
    Yes (9 votes) – 69%
    No (4 votes) – 31%
    Q: Did you know load balancing wasn’t just for truckers?
    Yes (6 votes) – 46%
    No (7 votes) – 54%
    Q: Have you ever gotten a back end fetch error on Virily?
    Yes (9 votes) – 75%
    No (3 votes) – 25%

  2. For some of the terms I’ve heard … many things are unknown to me … this technology is developing rapidly for my brain … rightly I say, if I had no wife at all I would not be able to use my computer … all she explain and more – what she does

  3. There are no new terms that I don’t know yet about in this article but neither has I really understood any of it… lol

    If I consider all this as complexity, then if there is a problem, I prefer to understand that they (admin for example) are working hard to improve, renew, develop, enhance, improve, beautify this place. Indeed, such conditions are often unpleasant.


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