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Friday Silhouettes – The Brahmini Kite

I suppose this qualifies for a silhouette. I have used this picture for years as my profile picture on some sites. I love the the angle at which the bird swoops down. Some pictures give you so much joy when captured as it was.

I enjoy taking photos because I can continue to enjoy them after many years like this one. Every time I look at this one i have a smile on my face. The memories of the day come rushing to you. I remember that while I was taking this picture my neighbours were getting their barbecue equipment ready and testing it. I loved the smell of the smoke rising up.

Its as if I live the same moment now. My neighbours thought I was crazy to sit on the roof for hours like I did. LOL it was their joke for years.

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    What kind of pictures do you enjoy taking the most?

    • Flowers
    • Nature
    • People
    • Selfies
    • Birds and animals
    • Others
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    Does taking pictures make you happy?

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