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Friday in Black and White – Winter landscape

Everyone who loves photography has tried at least once to photograph a black and white landscape. Of course I tried, too not just once! It’s not easy to do that. A good black and white landscape photography has a strong range of tones, from pure white to black, with shades of gray between them and, we must have the ability to list them all! I do not know if I did , but I thought this scene looks good in B & W.

What do you think?

Happy Friday to you all!


  • Wich one inspire you?

    • B&W
    • COLOR


What do you think?

Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. i agree with you that the black & white photographs have a special charm. I also like black & white pictures better at times. But in the ones you have shown, I somehow like the color picture. Not all fingers are alike, you see. -)