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Friday in Black and White – Whose Eyes?

Like all of you who have pets, I really enjoy their presence at home. In addition, their presence over the last two years has been able to treat my longing to play and be happy with them.

After all this time, because my oldest daughter is allergic to fur as well as cynophobia, and actually ailurophobia too, I have never had any pet. Things have changed since Susie kitten followed my footsteps one night about two years ago. My youngest daughter, who insisted on caring for her because she felt pity, could finally melt her sister’s heart. Miraculously, until now the allergic reaction to fur had never appeared. She never felt shortness of breath or itching on her skin. Also when Blue was present almost six months ago, and the last was added by the birth of Black six weeks ago.

Right now, my oldest daughter seems to have survived a period where cats can interfere with her physical and emotional health. She no longer needed to avoid cats at all, even had them in her arms often. Hopefully, someday, it will also apply to dogs.

Can you guess who owns the eye? To make it easier for you, I give a clue in numbers: 1-3-1-9-5

  • That is —–‘s eyes

    • Blue
    • Blue
    • Susie


What do you think?

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