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Free time

It is very important in every man’s life to have time for himself. In this way the person rests, grows and is happy. For people, to be happy they only need time for them. It’s time to get away from work. It can be reading a book, watching TV, sleep … anything. We are all different and have different wishes.

  • Do you have enough free time for yourself?

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  1. I definitely do not have enough free time by MYSELF, me and myself alone. Living with someone else takes time away from being alone. But at least the free time that I have even with someone else in the place of residence is still enough for me as I can manage to knit, crochet, cross-stitch or tat whenever I want without causing a stir. Reading a book is challenging as I have not bought one lately and I do not like to read on my cell or tablet. As for TV, well I pay for it so I watch it a lot… But one of these days, I will have the free time that I need or want as I am slowly gathering more and more money to be able to move and be by myself…

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