That old business acronym is TANSTAAFL“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” Is especially true on the internet. It ought to be common sense that a “free” service almost always has a cost to it. It could be the advertising you need to look at, maybe it is that mailing list you need to sign up for, it may be something else completely, but there is no such thing as “free” on the internet. 

The most common trap people fall into are ads of this variety: “FREE Scan! You can scan your computer for malware FOR FREE!” The advertisement is 100% accurate and is free. The parts that are not-so-free, is if you want to do anything about the results the scan finds, pay. It’s a common marketing tactic. Less reputable vendors lie to you directly. They warn you of malware and other scary things you don’t have, or that are no issues. All sold to you to make it seem that giving them your cash to repair it is the only way to avoid certain doom.

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