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Formal events are all in wait

So many events were cancelled due to the virus episode that forbids us to be together. A gathering of 10 people is not allowed and you can be arrested for that. So how can we have a formal gathering like a wedding when it is illegal at the moment? It is sad for the social life that is being controlled by social distancing. That is why all of us are praying and hoping that this virus episode will end soon.

Formal events are all in wait since weddings and baptismal were all postponed for a later date. But what about the funeral? It is really sad for one to die in times like this because the mere suspicion of covid as the cause of death will automatically cremate the corpse of the dead. No funeral rites, no burial. So sad an event.

  • Do you have a cancelled event?

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    • just one formal event cancelled


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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. It is a very sad time. Happy events can wait but you are right about the funerals. One person I know lost her mom and so they have arranged to cremate mom and hold a memorial in memory among family members to be able to bury her.

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