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Forgetting ~ Sky Sunday

The sky can change every second even though basically it is the same sky. That same sky which has also been and has always been a witness to all events in our lives because we live on Earth in the middle of the sky. So, let the whole event be recorded by heaven and earth while we only need to remember and forget what we need to live and enjoy life.

A little touching the conversation about forgetting together with Carol and Lado during this weekend has reminded me of the theme I wanted to write a few days ago.

On many occasions, we often hate forgetting until then many drugs that function to fight “forget” or to strengthen memory. But, do you realize that forgetting turned out to have many benefits that we did not realize? Imagine, if humans don’t have the “Forgotten” nature, they will definitely be tormented. Many traumas from the incident that happened to someone, if not forgotten it will continue to haunt them. This will have a negative impact on one’s mentality.

Forgetting is human nature. it is a gift from God given to humans. In addition to being given memory, humans are also given an eraser, which is to forget. Because not all ways of human life are always smooth, there must be many unwanted events, so they must be forgotten. Not all ways of human life are always smooth, there must be many unwanted events, so they must be forgotten. So, as important as remembering, forgetting also has the same benefits. Of course, both must be balanced and in harmony. I am also sure that you know that forgetting is just the other side of the same coin. Both are only children of the essence of duality.

  • Can you forget something that is no longer important to continue your life now?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Are there still certain emotions in certain memories of your past events?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. A great thought-provoking post. Yes, forgetting is an essential part of mental hygiene, otherwise our brains get cluttered up with too much old useless stuff. I suffer because I can’t forget anything! Too much painful stuff in my brain I am forced to relive all the time. I find meditation helps a lot with that though.

  2. I believe some things are impossible to forget and then for such cases only forgive will work …
    You probably won’t forget a trauma (unless you’re so shocked your brain deletes the whole event) … it’ll come back at times still … then it’s only overcoming it …

    Usually we forget what we don’t want to forget … (“Aye, what is my password huh?”)
    and remember those that are better if forgotten.
    Ironic. LOL

    • There are many perspectives that are in line with your opinion, dear friend. So once again I need to say that there really isn’t a single thing that can be erased from our minds, which at least stays in the subconscious mind. But that does not mean there is no way to manage that memory wisely, such as the methodology of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) which is more scientific than the various other approaches that I have also used so far and have successfully helped my clients to overcome their various problems.

  3. When we think that we have forgotten something, the to-be-forgotten thing is in our thoughts. So it is impossible to forget a thing forcibly. Forgetting can not happen when we want to forget something. We can forget only when we stop thinking and no longer wish to forget. Poor you Albert. Hope you won’t read this (so called) philosophical stuff.

    • You are right. Mohan. Desire or want is more disappointing than beneficial. Indeed, we can never erase the memory of our minds, because at least most of it is still stored in our subconscious mind, even the reason for our birth. We just need to remember that in the world of duality, everything is always complimentary, we cannot just want one side and reject the other, that’s all.
      Thank you for feeling sorry for me because there are rarely such caring people. But by the way, are you hostile to philosophical stuff?

    • I totally agree with you. That is what we call learning from experience in all its variants. There is always a part that must be forgotten from something besides that which must be kept in mind.
      Funny thing is, there are a lot of things that we should remember that we even forget, and what we should forget we even carry it everywhere.

  4. can you forget, what a wonderful question Albert! Yes, and now is the ambiguous answer. I do forget often, but i do recall often as well.

    As we consider releasing the past into the ether we have to weigh the value of each memory.

    • I feel that little by little, your disguise as a layman in this kind of thing is increasingly revealed, Doc.

      This theme actually has a wide and deep context, it’s just that I think it would be less useful if I put it at once in one post considering it would be very long, at least so.

      One thing, I’m happy to see various points of view about this even though all the readers here know about “Live in the Now” and most agree with that.

  5. I don’t think when people say forgive and forget they mean quite the same thing as the kind of forgetting that made me put the orange juice in the cupboard and the laundry detergent in the refrigerator. I did that when I was 20-something, so it wasn’t age related. Anyway I haven’t forgotten having done that.

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