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It’s easy to ignore a wild Forget Me Not bush – But it’s the most beautiful flower in the garden because most of these flowers are tiny and few people care about them. However, this tiny plant has a rich history of the meaning behind it. A symbol of myth and history, this flower deserves to be remembered in your flower portfolio. Learn more Flower Symbols Forget Me Not by creating a memory flow.

Since the Germans came up with the most popular name for this most beautiful flower, it is a natural flower that has a legend of two lovers walking along the Danube for the first time seeing bright blue flowers. this. The man plucked the flowers for the woman, but he was swept away by the river and his last words to his girl were “Forget me not” (Please never forget him). Whether this story is true or not, it certainly has affirmed Forget Me Not is a symbol of eternal tribute. It is also used as a symbol of Freemasons (Free Women) who face persecution because of their beliefs, and represent the Armenian genocide that began in 1915. The Association Alzheimer’s patients use this flower as a symbol to raise awareness for diseases and support carers. While Forget Me Not flowers have played a major role in Europe and the US for the past few hundred years, it is still relatively rare in use with other cultures.Each of the Forget Me Not family blooms slightly differently, but the main types used to make bouquets and flower beds create small blue flowers with five petals. Breeding has produced pink, purple and white varieties, although they are not the same varieties available from florists and nurseries as the classic blue variety. Most of these flowers prefer dry conditions and light sandy soil, but there are varieties that can thrive in any type of garden or yard.

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